One of the best walks from our doorstep is this great 3 mile loop to Bernal and back again. It’s one of those infamous San Francisco hills that really gets your heart and lungs going, and the views (and people/dog watching) make it worth the effort. The hill also holds a lot of great memories (first kiss, marriage proposal, family visits). Arwen & Saul and their clan live up there, and I can scarcely think of a better way to spend an afternoon than sitting in their backyard watching friends of all ages burning calories on the trampoline.

Last night we hiked up with Paula, who was working on a talk she’s got to give next week, and enjoyed the view and the exercise and the thunder and lightning and the glorious, glorious sunset before we parted ways in the dusk. Jamie and I went to eat very delicious (and very authentic, homesickness-inducing Peruvian food) and Paula walked home to hammer on her presentation materials…

20150228-IMG_3001 20150228-IMG_3003 20150228-IMG_3005 20150228-IMG_3011 20150228-IMG_3019 20150228-IMG_2987


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  1. Natalie #
    March 3, 2015

    Incredible sky. Is that a bald eagle in the last photo?

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