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A couple of photos from today’s bike ride around SF with Makani folks—Jamie and I have been meaning to snap at least one photo of me biking with this belly and Shakira seized the moment about an hour ago. Twas a lovely day for a bike ride and some eclipse enjoyment.

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A lovely day! I felt like I really was on maternity leave (I think some people call it working from home, but it was like a vacation to me). I spent lunch walking around San Francisco as it hummed around me, getting distracted by shops and smoothies and fresh tortillas. And Tupaw hung out with me as the sun passed overhead and I worked on some Solve for X videos and some Makani Retrospectives. A good day, and a quiet one. Maybe one of the last quiet days for a while! 20141022-IMG_1169

Sonogram at 37 weeks—a baby so big we can only see small snippets of it at a time (that’s normal! you can only see the whole thing when it’s really really tiny).


In May we traveled to northern Idaho for my cousin Kayla’s wedding, which was lovely to see. It was more cowboy than our wedding was, including a real cowboy sitting on a swingset at the end—taking a conference call. I wonder if it was a call about cattle, or maybe sheep.






IMG_20140621_131119~2 IMG_20140621_131130~2We’re getting a new housemate in early November! Last Friday we got to see an ultrasound and then Monday we got to hear his/her heartbeat. (We have decided not to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl, so we’ll all wait to find out once the little person makes earth contact.)

A note about what you’re hearing—at first the baby was a little further from the microphone the doctor was using, but then it shifted closer, and you can hear it a little better. Nice baby, so agreeable! Already behaves so well!

A little while ago Jamie and I participated in tiny way in an art project called The Possible. One of the first acts of the project was for a team of volunteers to hand-deliver a packet of lovely information (kind of zine-like) about the exhibit, which will be up at the Berkeley Museum of Arts for the next months.


On the face of it, the act of delivering these papers wasn’t very special—after all, people drop off junk on stoops all the time. But thinking of it as an intentional drop-off of art gave it a different, more deliberate sense of purpose and mystery, and even granted the whole afternoon a sense of exploratory wonder and significance. Suddenly, a happening as simple as a bird landing on my bike tire made us think, Yes! We’re in the right place today!


We knew that all over the Bay Area, there were others on bikes, on foot, in cars, going from house to house, peering at their piece of the map and marking things: Done! Done! Done!


At times, the view from strange neighborhoods in our own city seemed to be the reward for biking our packets over the high hills.


We saw many different front doors and stoops, which made us consider—what connects all these people and houses together?


This was my favorite stoop. Yellow door! Light! Ferns!


This was the most dicey delivery—to an apartment—we relied upon the kindness of every neighbor to get the packet to the addressee. In a way, that made it the most fun delivery.


My favorite house number.


Finally, we reached the end of our route, and we found the sea.