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One year ago, we gathered together ‘for something good because there aren’t always good somethings to gather for. A wedding is a party that turns into an anniversary that marks love over time, and not just love between two people, but between a couple and their community.’

Thank you all for a year of support and love.

wedding rings and pitcher plant

20120714-IMG_109820120714-IMG_1187It’s fun to see threads of people throughout the photos. In this case, David, Carolyn & Sylvia… I love the one on the bottom—Jane, Chris, Mitch & Raleigh—Sacha—Judy—Luigi—Dante & Jess—how can all these people have been in one place. And all to celebrate love!!



This is one of those photos that can only really happen with film! Peter & Betsy holding down the fort, here. Betsy! It’s almost your birthday! Nice!!

20120725-54930007This kind of photo really shows what is so amazing about weddings. Here we have Barb, Jamie’s stepmother; Bob, who officiated; Gail, who I know from my first college; Lauren, who we know because of our friend Denise, and Rich, who is one of Jamie’s good friends and who met Lauren on his own (related to the Exploratorium, where Lauren and Denise used to work) and then stole her away to Pittsburgh… Not to mention I think Katie Wilson is in the back—and she grew up just across the valley from me, and then Tim Anderson, who is really beyond description.



We got to see Rosemary recently—a treat! A woman like this is really an inspiration. Determined and feisty, she is always ready to hear your quandaries while providing plenty of tea (in delightful mismatched mugs) to facilitate proper consideration of all the complexities of the world. For lack of a better descriptor I called myself her illegitimate godchild and Jamie corrected me, “You could also just call her a friend.” Ohhhh, right.


This was taken just after Sacha rescued me from getting my sweater caught on my silly head decoration. I’m not sure what Paula and Luigi were talking about but clearly it was more funny than my wardrobe woes.

Sacha showed up just when I needed a hand! I hope we can do the same for her one day.