20141122-IMG_6798We have the incredibly lovely Caroline Kerhervé as our postpartum doula/ lactation consultant and she’s shown us how to do any number of useful things. She helped a lot with learning to breastfeed, as well as how to use the baby carriers and swaddling technology we’ve inherited. Most recently we learned how to bathe the babe.

Caroline had us get everything we’d need laid out in advance and fill the tub with warm water.

“Okay, we need your baby washcloths now.”

“Baby wash cloths?”

“Okay, no problem, we can use a burp cloth or a cloth diaper, but you’ll want to get some eventually. Now we need the baby soap.”

“Baby soap?”



The washcloth on his belly is as much to calm him with a little warm weight as it is to keep him warm.20141122-IMG_6814


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