A sleep update is overdue here. I don’t think we’re at any kind of final solution (according to many, many advisors you never stop sleep training your babies) but it’s worth saying that we’re feeling better than the last time I wrote anything down here. What’s been working for us pretty well is the 7 pm bedtime, which is the one where we lay the little guy down and he gets himself to sleep and he stays that way until at least midnight. We can still work on night weaning and we’ve got a lot to learn about naps, but that 7 pm until midnight sleep session has been so good for our sanity. We even went out one night and Kenny and Meagan sat with Dash while he (mostly) slept.

For anyone who’s curious about what we did to get to this point, we used a combo of the Sleep Easy Solution and a hacked-together smorgasbord of what we could live with. The thing I hated about the book (Sleep Easy) was the 2-2.5 hour between naps. We’d been on a 90 minute cycle so the longer breaks really felt like cruelty (sleep deprivation is a torture method at Guantanamo, no?). Natalie encouraged us to do whatever it took to get the babe to sleep during the day, and that set us free to get back to the 90 minutes. Even though we broke from the book (and the book says NEVER BREAK FROM THIS BOOK) it still took only about five days for Dash to figure the 7 pm sleep routine out, and all the crying after that first night did just get shorter.

As I said above, we are still in the thick of it. For example I’ve been feeling good about the 7 pm thing but tonight the poor guy cried for forty minutes before he fell asleep (my guess is that we got him to bed late the night before, so he was a bit off timing-wise?). On the other hand, you know how I said above that we don’t have naps figured out? Today he napped for almost two hours here at home, which usually only happens when he’s with Miss Vivian during the weekdays. So it’s all in flux all the time. Bottom line: I recommend Sleep Easy, I recommend bedtime rituals, and I recommend also following your own guidance and figuring out what works for you within all that.

Here is Dash after he woke up from the above photo, which reinforces the idea that the baby is pretty forgiving of whatever happened in the nighttime, so go ahead with what you need to do. He’ll still love you.



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  1. Natalie #
    April 21, 2015

    Yes! You’re doing a great job. Follow your instincts and you’ll all be fine. Glad my advice helped! We’re still figuring it out ourselves, too. Naps are finally in order around here but Joy wanted to eat twice last night. We’ll see what tonight holds.

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