Tonight I’m looking for seeds online for our garden in the backyard and I’m finding the reviews touching. There’s a reason this all feels so emotional but right now I’m grateful for the onslaught of feeling. I’m reminded that I can think about more than just flying wind turbines and multimedia documentation when something like this calls to mind how quickly life moves. Writing from the Virgin Islands about Sunset Runner Beans, a user review:

I am a beginner gardener and was drawn to the picture of the blossoms for this bean variety over the reddish-orange varieties. I had expected a wait of more than 2 months before these would set any blossoms, based on the desc. and reviews of the other runner bean varieties but it’s been 5 weeks since they’ve germinated, with good rain, and many plants have set bloom. The colour of the blossoms went from white, when closed 2 days ago, to rusty coloured yesterday, when I thought they’d failed in some way, to a peachy pink when some blooms opened today and they are exquisite looking! So beautiful against the green foliage. I would grow these just for the blooms. Even the purple blossoms from my bush bean varieties don’t affect me as much as these blooms have. Their delicate, lovely appearance is very refreshing, calming and uplifting. Looking forward to the upcoming beans.

I can just imagine her (?) daily examination of the plant, eagerly awaiting first the blossoms and then the beans. Do she and her dinner companions compare notes over the dinner table? How did her yield turn out? Pros she lists as Blossomed in 6 weeks and Cons are Has to be Trellised.


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