Clearly you work out a portrait series concept, rent a Hasselblad* and conduct a test shoot. Then you find (when your husband picks up the film after your water has already broken) that you don’t remember how to shoot film… But the digital test shots still worked out. Apologies for the shoddy color correction (they don’t all match) but we already have the baby, so I am playing catch-up and this is as good as we’ll get for now. I’m post-dating this so it’s in the right order.

20141030-IMG_5244 20141030-IMG_5240 20141030-IMG_5228 20141030-IMG_5222

*A Hasselblad is a super-dreamy, very sexy medium format film camera


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  1. Natalie #
    November 11, 2014

    Ha, clearly! I wouldn’t expect any less of you. These photos are great! Can’t wait to see how you photograph the little one.

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