We had many visitors. It was also Charlie’s birthday, and Rosemary’s, though it wasn’t their actual birth day, if you know what I mean.

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We were able to birth at home, which was wonderful for us, though I understand it is neither appealing nor possible for everyone. For us it worked out, and just barely (we had a deadline because once your amniotic sack is open there’s an infection risk). I gave birth ten minutes before we’d have needed to go to the hospital to be induced. The baby was 7 lbs even, 19 inches.

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His head came out quite coned—but it was less so by daybreak and even more round and normal by the day after…

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My water broke! We wanted a home birth so we had to encourage labor—it’s not automatic (we didn’t know). We did a lot of walking up hills, took some herbs, etc. It was actually pretty lovely overall. We did that for three days and then…

Not so bad viewing the sunset from the San Francisco side this eve. #maternityleave #nobabeyet

Clearly you work out a portrait series concept, rent a Hasselblad* and conduct a test shoot. Then you find (when your husband picks up the film after your water has already broken) that you don’t remember how to shoot film… But the digital test shots still worked out. Apologies for the shoddy color correction (they don’t all match) but we already have the baby, so I am playing catch-up and this is as good as we’ll get for now. I’m post-dating this so it’s in the right order.

20141030-IMG_5244 20141030-IMG_5240 20141030-IMG_5228 20141030-IMG_5222

*A Hasselblad is a super-dreamy, very sexy medium format film camera

Last weekend we jaunted quickly to see Jamie’s Great-Aunt Henrietta and her daughter, Kara, in Mendocino. Kara was up from down south in LA and we came at just the right time to give her a ride to the airport Monday afternoon. Mendocino is achingly beautiful from every angle and we always enjoy walking from Henrietta’s cosy house into town for all manner of errands (to say hello to the people in the community center, or the library, or the cafe, or ask for advice at the knitting store…).

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A couple of photos from today’s bike ride around SF with Makani folks—Jamie and I have been meaning to snap at least one photo of me biking with this belly and Shakira seized the moment about an hour ago. Twas a lovely day for a bike ride and some eclipse enjoyment.

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