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Welcome Dashiell Bay Tarwi Schulte! Born November 9th, 7lbs, 19inches and named at last. Dash was born on his due date, which happens for about 5% of babies in the US.

Dashiell’s name (pronounced Dash-el) is inspired by Dashiell Hammet, author of hard-boiled detective stories, some of which were set in San Francisco. The most famous of his books, The Maltese Falcon, has a namesake tugboat we see on our commute to work.

Bay is a favorite local tree and a body of water that is central to our lives (we ferry across it to work, and it played a key role in our early & continuing romance). It’s also a bridge between the East and West, since Jamie grew up near Chesapeake Bay and Andrea near the San Francisco Bay.

Tarwi is the Quechua word for an edible type of lupine that is grown in the Andes. The plant is attractive, sturdy, and life-sustaining. There’s so much good stuff about this bean it’s hard to summarize, but you can read more here.


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  1. Kay Swenson #
    November 21, 2014

    Cool kids have a baby now a cool family. You look so happy together. That baby boy is truly blessed

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